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Aeris is the information service for investors who champion economic justice in underserved markets. Since 2004, Aeris has provided data, analysis, and consulting that support investment in community development financial institutions (CDFIs). Our proprietary ratings help investors evaluate opportunities that meet their impact goals and risk parameters. More than 60 of the nation’s leading community investors subscribe to Aeris’ data and analysis products.


The only source of quarterly performance data on CDFIs.


Trusted ratings and analysis of risk and impact performance.


Tailored to investors’ underwriting and impact objectives.

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Choose from a range of subscription options to match your investment underwriting and portfolio monitoring needs. Aeris offers ratings, data, and consulting to support your community investment objectives.

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Data and Analysis on Key Institutions Trusted Ratings Analytic Tools for Community Investments Real-time Performance Data Custom Consulting Services

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Make a statement to investors about your transparency and accountability by becoming rated or reporting your data.

Aeris Cloud Demo (CDFI Interface) from Aeris on Vimeo.

Stand Out in a Crowded Investment Field Demonstrate Your Commitment to Transparency Align with a Trusted Brand Streamline Reporting Strengthen Performance


The Aeris analysis was the most intensive and in-depth external analysis ever done of The Reinvestment Fund. The analysts really dug deep to understand our complex financial structure and theory of business. It was a helpful process for us and our investors are already using our rating and analysis as they structure new deals with us. — Mike Crist, Reinvestment Fund

The analysts were great, very professional, and did a fantastic job. They focused on the Community First Fund and analyzed us on our merits, without comparing us against other CDFIs. It was a very intense process and, overall, a good experience. — Dan Betancourt, Community First Fund

We love the convenience of having one go-to place for this information—and so do our investors. We’ve even elected to adapt our internal financial reports to match the standardized format that Aeris developed. — Joshua Brackett, CFO, Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs (ACE)

WWBIC celebrates over 25 years of Putting Dreams to Work providing quality business education coupled with responsible capital throughout Wisconsin. Less than a year after our rating, we had an hour meeting with one of our current financial investors. In less than a week we went from a six figure investment to a seven figure investment. Our rating was truly part of that significant increase. — Wendy K. Baumann, President/CVO, Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation

The Aeris Cloud serves as a single repository for all our data and supporting information. We use it to report to our many investors and it’s a great management tool for understanding our own performance trends and saves us time when we need to find a specific document or data point. — Holli S. Powell, CPA, Finance Director, Mountain Association for Community Economic Development (MACED)

NeighborWorks Capital values the third party business analysis and evaluation that Aeirs brings to our organization’s management team. We are committed to transparency, and the Aeris Cloud gives us the intelligence we need to improve our lending impact and business effectiveness, while exposing us to new investors. The Aeris Cloud is significant because it provides standardized reporting and analysis for a very diverse and entrepreneurial sector. — Jim Ferris, Executive Director, NeighborWorks Capital

I don’t think we would seriously look at adding a CDFI to our portfolio if it were not Aeris rated. — Investment Advisor, Source: Scaling U.S. Community Investing

We use Aeris for due diligence when we consider new CDFI investments and to monitor current PRIs. It is much easier to start a relationship with a new CDFI if they are rated by Aeris. — Sandra Mikush (Deputy Director) & Jennifer Barksdale (Finance Officer), Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation